Our Gardening Services in Essex

Large portfolio of comprehensive gardening services in Essex

Our company provides many well-developed gardening services in Essex. We have taken steps to improving our work and taking it one step further. That is why booking with us for any garden-related chore is highly recommended.

Garden Design

No garden design project can be carried out without the involvement of a professional landscaper. Essex Landscape Gardeners has such experts available for hire and we urge you to contact us for this kind of service on 020 3907 7264. Garden design is quite a complex process, which we know perfectly well. Our experts will take you from the initial planning and surveyor phase all the way to building the garden of your dreams. We’ll carefully consider your requirements and recommend what we believe is best for the location in Essex you’re in. Ultimately, you will have control over the entire process. That is what makes our service such a wonder and reason why you should book it right now!

Garden LandscapingGardening Services in Essex

It doesn’t matter if you already have an existing garden or you are starting from scratch – our garden landscaping services are well-tailored to fit all clients’ needs in North London. After the initial planning and design, our landscape gardeners will take on all of the work with enthusiasm and expertise. We are capable of doing wonders with both hard landscaping projects (paving, installing drainage and structures, construction) and soft landscaping (planting, soil preparation and laying turf). It won’t be long before you have the dream garden before you!

Garden Maintenance

If you have already established a beautiful garden, you surely know that there is a lot of work associated with it. Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed by the number of chores you have to address. That is where you count on our garden maintenance service. We have superbly trained gardeners, who can deal with everything from hedge trimming and weeding, to lawn care and leaves collection. We are aware that all of these tasks combined can be tough to handle, so we can provide you with regular services, specially tailored to fit your needs and requirements. You’ll no longer have to choose between doing the garden chores and taking some time off with your loved ones.

Garden Clearance 

Every garden in Essex generates a certain amount of waste. Sometimes, this can be tough to handle on your own. Whether it is an excessive amount of leaves or spent plants, you will need to clear it all out so that you can resume your gardening activity. Thanks to our garden clearance service, you will have the waste out of your property in no time. Whatever waste there is, we will take care of it and leave perfectly workable space. Quit worrying about any such trivial tasks, and give us a call on 020 3907 7264.

Lawn Care

If you love the looks of a well-trimmed lawn but you cannot devote the time to take care of it, you are going to need all the help you can get. Thanks to Essex Landscape Gardeners that is now as easy as making a single phone call. Our company has accumulated vast knowledge of lawn care and every activity related to maintaining a lawn in superb shape. We know that lawns are the bread and butter of every garden in Essex, so we have taken steps to perfecting our services. Hiring us to look after your lawn is guaranteed to transform it into a green lush heaven. Contact us today and see how big of a change we can make.

Patio Cleaninglandscaping essex

Every patio out there needs cleaning from time to time. That is best done with specialised gear, known as jet washers. Not every home in Essex has that though. If you are lacking the tools or the expertise to use them, do not hesitate to call for our patio cleaning service. We can jet wash the whole place, ensuring no dust and dirt remain there. When we are done it will look just like it has just been installed. Trust us on this one – you will love the result!


You can contact us online to book our gardening services in Essex or call us on 020 3907 7264.

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